Washington State University


Professor Asaph Cousins Asaph is Associate Professor of Plant Metabolism. His research couples plant physiology and mathematical modeling of photosynthesis to understand the mechanisms controlling plant-environment interactions. The research uses a variety of techniques, including field experiments, leaf and whole plant gas exchange, biochemistry, and metabolite analysis to elucidate the mechanisms influencing the efficiency of C4 photosynthesis in response to changing environmental conditions.

GerryProfessor Gerry Edwards Gerry is Regents Professor of Plant Biology. His primary research focus is on photosynthesis, including investigations into the effects of environmental stress and potential global climate change. Studies range from the cellular to the whole plant level and include research into the mechanisms and evolution of carbon assimilation in C4, C3 and CAM plants. Gerry is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


RitaDr. Rita Giuliani Rita is currently a research associate in the Cousins Lab at WSU. She received her PhD in Ecophysiology from the University of Bologna, Italy. She has experience in plant physiology, biochemistry, photosynthesis and CO2 isotope exchange. Her current research involves photosynthetic, physiological and enzymatic characterization of transgenic rice lines which have had various C4 traits introduced into them.